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Based on Actual Events by Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) Special Operators

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Table of Contents:

A. Latest Site Announcements

B. Documented 'Tail of the Coin' Timeline

C. Preview 'Tail of the Coin' Chapter 1.

D. Documented 'He Is My Father' Background

E. Completed 'The Rouge Scarf' Chapter 1.

F. Newsreels of 'Operation Dragon Rouge'

~ Latest Announcements ~

Updated September 30, 2022
~*~ A self-published version of 'The Rouge Scarf' is being created for online sales.
~*~ Newsreels describing 'Operation Dragon Rouge' as 'The Rouge Scarf' Takes Place.
~*~ New and Easier to use Table of Contents (ToC) Added.
~*~ All Sections Available in 4+ Languages:
English (EN), Русский (RU), Pосійський (UK), Deutsch (DE).

~*~ New Project Underway titled 'Tail of the Coin'.

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~ Factual 'Tail of the Coin' Events Timeline ~

Updated August 05, 2022
Condensed Timeline Behind 'Tail of the Coin'
Events of America's Darkest Warriors

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~ 'Tail of the Coin' Chapter 1. Manuscript ~

Updated August 05, 2022
Preview (Chapter 1 - 1st Draft) 'Tail of the Coin'
The New Manuscript of America's Darkest Operators

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~ 'Operation Dragon Rouge/The Rouge Scarf' ~

5-8 Commando ANC (CIA SpecOps Team in the Congo)
Newsreels Describing Events While 'The Rouge Scarf' Was Occuring

Short Newsreel Giving Background on 'The Rouge Scarf' Manuscript

British Movietone Newsreel Exposing Slaughter at Stanleyville as 'The Rouge Scarf' took place

Pathe Newsreel Covering the Bloodshed Was Underway as 'The Rouge Scarf' Occured

~ 'The Rouge Scarf' Chapter 1. Manuscript ~

The Completed Manuscript

Actual Events Researched and Authored by Thomas O'Hare

Years of Research Document the Incredible Chain of Events During a Harrowing 72 Hour Rescue
Veterans of the Bay of Pigs Fiasco Achieve Redemption and Resolve
Taking Part in the Rescue of 1800 Innocent Men, Women, and Children From Certain Death
The Congo Crisis turned bloody in the African Town of Stanleyville
Launch of the Airborne Assault by 320 Belgian Red Berets From 12 USAF C-130's
Rescue and Escape of 125 Hostages in a Bullet Riddled Aircraft Running Out of Fuel, and Hope...

Updated November 18, 2020
Check Out the Chapter 1 Preview!

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~ 'He Is My Father' Background ~

Updated August 05, 2022
Background Info Relating to This Web Site
Documented Facts This Site 'He Is My Father' is Based On

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